WET Gisborne Limited (WGL) is a joint venture between Wood Engineering Technology and Eastland Community Trust (ECT) to build several advanced manufacturing facilities producing Wood Engineering Technology's engineered wood product, branded, Optimised Engineered Lumber (OEL).

Eastland Community Trust (ECT) was created on May 7, 1993. The main vision of ECT is that they will be able to assist in the creating of a more positive, prosperous and attractive community by 2035. One of the main reasons that the Trust was established was to be able to provide for the people of Gisborne. This will be achieved through paying and subsidising local electricity charges, as well as supporting business, community and other initiatives which are likely to encourage sustainable economic growth.

ECT are a key partner of Wood Engineering Technology for enabling production facilities within the Gisborne region. This partnership has been formalised with the forming of a joint venture called WET Gisborne Limited in September 2015. To learn more about ECT please visit their website - http://www.ect.org.nz/

Wood Engineering Technology (WET) was formed in 2003 by a group of Auckland-based investors with international, technical & commercial experience and track records in forestry, wood processing and bringing emerging technology to market. At WET we’ve been working on a product that has the potential to revolutionise the wood industry in New Zealand. Want to know more?